If you are lucky enough to have one of the new smoking fast, beautiful Android phones from HTC the Incredible or the EVO 4G you have little to complain about... but... well... some of us just aren't in love with that HTC Sense UI...

Is a more standard Android experience is what you want? Well it's only a few settings away.

Below is the stock Sense UI home screen on my HTC EVO 4G (with a custom background only.) Let's get rid of it!

Just a few quick steps…

01 Press the Menu button.

02 Press Settings.
03 Choose Applications.
04 Expand Manage Applications.
05 Wait for the application names to load, scroll down and select HTC Sense.
06 Press the Clear defaults button.
08 Now press the Home button on your phone. Check “Use by default…” …and then choose Launcher.
09 There you go, your new smoking fast phone in a more native Android flavor.

Enjoy! -Ben