New design Jason Galep

I have to admit it's nice to have people around you that can drop a killer new web design with one hand and build in, from the beginning, an understanding of how those designs can be executed on today's browsers with the other...

Jason Galep stopped by out of the blue and asked if he could contribute a design for retweetradar... the contemplation period was brief and something like a "heck yeah" came from my mouth... I have no delusions that I am a designer and this opportunity was perfect timing for both of us. We worked back and forth over just a couple hours and a few emails and it was executed... a rapidly built, high quality, and great looking new face for!

Hearing some great feedback on the design already via Twitter... what do you think? Tweet your feedback here!

Captured as it is today here on Flickr, since we all know the train doesn't stop and changes will keep coming!

New design Jason Galep

Thanks for all the interest in my little project! -Ben