Job Post

Let’s face it really strong full time talent in the mobile, web and product areas are hard to come by and it’s not going to get any easier. The pull to start your own startup is high and it’s unclear if the big companies like Best Buy looking accelerate get it or are for real looking from the outside in.

Scarcity and friction are not friends…

Job Sites

Throw on top of the constrained talent pool the outsourced HR website, the standard corporate job description template, and (if you get that far) the gargantuan form you need to submit to be considered and you’ve created the highest friction experience for the very people who are so hard to find… I won’t even get into the fact we are trying to hire people to deliver really exceptional customer experiences by putting them through what is certainly far from exceptional.


In order to short-circuit this I am going to try a little experiment, I am going to hold virtual open office hours next Monday, May 14th from 1pm to 3pm CST.

Sign up to meet or share this link: Open office hours to discuss Mobile, Web and Product Management opportunities at Best Buy

These sessions are open to anyone, in them I hope to discuss what both our team is interested in working on and what you are. We are looking for full-time employees. Please share this link with anyone you know who is working in the mobile, web and product management space that may be interested in learning about the work we are doing at Best Buy… hoping to talk to some of you and find a new way to meet, interact and get our message out.

Hope to talk to you soon. -Ben