ConnectTweet is a simple utility built under the concept [reality in my opinion] that all groups, companies or brands are just collections of many people whose passion, ideas and behavior completely shape it. Often those people's voices are drowned out in communications by a need to feel "official" instead making it feel robotic, monochromatic and cold... this is especially evident as companies are showing up in social mediums like Twitter where forced news releases and push marketing stick out like a sore thumb.

There needs to be a better way for a company to be represented on Twitter by many passionate people on the inside versus a robot or a single voice.

Making it happen with ConnectTweet

ConnectTweet flips that equation for groups and lets the real people all across your organization to show through on Twitter and be your voice. They can have real, human conversations with customers and share their unique perspectives and passion for their work as people at the front lines of your organization. This unique transparency shows the vibrancy that networks like Twitter have is inside your organization it's just waiting to be shown the light of day.

First, you need to find and tap the passionates... the people all over your organization many of whom may already use tools like Twitter for their own uses, ask them to be your voice, to share openly their perspectives, interesting tidbits (guarantee you will learn something too) and to answer other users questions about the company on Twitter tagging each of their company posts with #companyname.

ConnectTweet can be then setup to gather up the tweets from the approved users and post them to your organization's Twitter account allowing your followers to clearly see the human voices on the inside and give your organization that true human interface your customer always wanted to see.

A simple example

Below ConnectTweet has posted to the Twitter account of one of my tools a message I relayed from my personal account to let the tool's approximately 1000 followers know about something cool that just happened. I simply posted this to my account, and the below tweet appeared in @retweetradar's stream. If ten people worked for they all could do the same thing creating an organic stream of information about the site right from the people on the front lines.

connectweet retweetradar

ConnectTweet is in a limited Alpha test but I would love to hear if you'd find it useful and would be interested in trying it out.