The Space Between Strategy and Execution

I ran into this today, deep into an internet rabbit hole. Something clicked with me.

The space between strategy and execution is typically unmanaged.

I spend time creating and articulating strategies. I spend time executing and building. But the thing I'm constantly doing is taking a strategy, assessing our standing and driving a next step — an iteration.

Strategy and Execution Matter

A strategy defines what you won't do by telling a story of what you will. You can buy a strategy, many people do. Many of the same people stand frozen when that shiny deck is in their hands. They now have "the answer" all they can think is to toss it over the wall to someone else and say "build it." The loss of context in that transaction is immense.

In the same vein building and executing is an art form. The right tools, the right process. Top notch talent, efficient operations and flawless quality. Gets us nowhere without "the what" and "which first".

Hone the Skills In-between

A strong strategy is important, what you'll learn while creating it is the real value. The context you'll build will get you where you really need to go.

Hone the ability to decompose that strategy, step off the cliff and build a part of it. Hone the honesty to reevaluate then persevere or pivot from that position. Hone the stamina to do that over an over again. That will be the real work.

The space between that shiny deck and the first step.

The space between "they said to build it" and "we see this working."

The skills needed in the space between are the least understood. More often than not they will be the decisions that matter most.

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