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I just received word from Pam Dearen at HP of some great launch news partially powered by!

Our new internal Digital Marketing Community Portal launched as planned on January 15. One of its top features is our "HP Buzz" -- our custom version of your Spy app.

It's truly exciting to see big business gravitating toward social media and empowering employees to listen fulfilling my vision for 'spy' -- it was never about the technology or the website but finding and amassing these relevant and timely social media conversations and getting them in front of people who care about them but may not yet participate in the social media space.

HP's "Buzz" section of their internal Digital Marketing Community Portal does all of this well, the employees in this group will see a constantly refreshed and relevant view of what people are saying about HP, if they only find one actionable nugget of information from their customers via this method it would feel great to me and I am positive they will.

HP Buzz on internal portal via

I really appreciate the quick and relevant work they have done here, the very kind attribution and the clear view and message that empowering employees with more direct channels to listen to and interact with their customers can only better the experience for all customers and help to shape business decisions we all make every day. Kudos to the HP Digital Marketing team for getting out there, testing and trying new avenues and listening to their customers wherever are.

HP Buzz - Full page powered by Click for full size.

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