Responsible Corporate Laptop Stickering!

So lets say you are a web guy at a big mid-western corporation and you at the Web 2.0 Expo this year and pick up a handful of cool stickers, then you see folks like Scoble (Mac, PC) and everyone up in the Blogtropolus with their laptops stickered end to end… you need to use those stickers… you need to be like those valley guys… you need to show where your allliances lie and spread the word… but can you? You’ve got the standard leased HP laptop, even with the barcode right at the top formally proclaiming you as a cog in the machine.

I think you can… You just need some Responsible Corporate Laptop Stickering!

How to

Grab your Clear Contact paper (available at most general home goods stores like Target and Wal-Mart, it’s usually used for covering old cabinet shelves) and a scissors, choose a size bigger than your sticker, cut cut cut…

…place your sticker on the face of the Contact paper and cut around the sticker, peel off the paper backing and spread on your laptop cover as you like.

Ta da!

Now you have a canvas for showing off your stickers and if worse comes to worse you can peel it right off.

Re-positionable, removable you’ve got it all!

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