All feedback is good feedback... especially when it's from Tim O'Reilly! -

Saturday afternoon Robert Scoble sent out a simple tweet letting people know he popped up on the retweetradar (much appreciated Robert!), we had been talking about use of interesting metadata, for instance retweeted information, possibly being used to rank quality posts on Twitter in the comments of his blog posts about a better Twitter Search.

Twitter tweet from scobleizer

Then out of the blue I see Robert received a tweet back from Tim O’Reilly with feedback on retweetradar!

Twitter tweet from timoreilly

I read it, thought about it, and you know he was right on… the mixing of terms, people and links made the cloud too busy and “people” were not the topic of the tweets they we just authors and interested parties… I needed to jump to work couldn’t waste my chance to show Tim and the many others showing attention yesterday what could be done.

I reworked the interface so “people” and “links” had their own area but were still prominent and displayed the top ten of each among a few other minor tweaks. I let Tim know I made some changes, not expecting a response, but par for the course on this odd day I got one! Tim responded that the tool was now more useful to him.

Twitter tweet from timoreilly

I sent a tweet thanking Tim for taking any time to look at my little app and then sent him the link to my previous post on retweetradar’s launch. I wanted him to understand this wasn’t supposed to be a technical feat but that I was trying to evangelize the use of the amazing tools we have at out fingertips today to create anything we like on the web, in this instance Google App Engine and Open APIs. Suffice it to say Tim got it, as the father of the real concept of Web 2.0 should!

Twitter tweet from timoreilly

Quite a day indeed… one for the books… -Ben

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