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Closing the Loop Across Channels With Digitally Connected Receipts

With over 90% of retail being done in stores narrowly focusing on e-commerce and mobile sales, or worse yet in-channel conversion rates, is a mistake. There are clear opportunities to tap into more value for your business by putting your digital assets to work in new ways.

84% of store visitors use mobile devices before or during a shopping trip and today digital technologies influence 36% of in-store retail sales, and this number is expected to increase to 50% of in-store sales by the end of 2014. Leaders must make closing the loop between your physical retail environment and this ...

Meeting Connected Consumers with True Omni-Channel Experiences Requires a New Approach

Creating a differentiated, compelling, and valuable customer experience has never been easy.

But in reaction to further ratcheting up of customer expectations many companies, large and small, have seen the need to quickly rethink how they present themselves in the interconnected physical/digital environment often referred to as the omni-channel experience.

Over the last several years, I have worked with Fortune 100 retailers, service companies, and other digital groups looking to meet their customers in a new way and to be cohesive across this landscape. I want to share what I have learned - sometimes the hard way - and help you ...

Joining SapientNitro as a Mobile / Digital Strategist

I'm making a move. In some ways a big change of venue for me in other ways an extension of where I have been focused for some time. An important next chapter in the consumer's digitally enhanced and intertwined life is opening up I am simply expanding the impact I can have on it.

After eleven years at Best Buy creating and working on some great things both inside and outside the company I knew my next move was about sticking with the mobile and digital work I loved but increasing my surface area of impact. Getting involved ...

Open office hours to discuss Mobile, Web and Product Management opportunities at Best Buy

Let's face it really strong full time talent in the mobile, web and product areas are hard to come by and it's not going to get any easier. The pull to start your own startup is high and it's unclear if the big companies like Best Buy looking accelerate get it or are for real looking from the outside in.

Simplify your server using Dropbox, Selective Sync

Everyone loves Dropbox for the simple and instant syncing of files between their devices but as anyone who runs their own website or blog knows it can often be a pain to get files to and from your servers... Dropbox is made to solve this problem, it just takes a little coaxing.

In this tutorial we are going to bring the simplicity of Dropbox to your server by selectively syncing your files, make those files accessible anywhere and your life easier.









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