Meeting Connected Consumers with True Omni-Channel Experiences Requires a New Approach

Creating a differentiated, compelling, and valuable customer experience has never been easy.

But in reaction to further ratcheting up of customer expectations many companies, large and small, have seen the need to quickly rethink how they present themselves in the interconnected physical/digital environment often referred to as the omni-channel experience.

Over the last several years, I have worked with Fortune 100 retailers, service companies, and other digital groups looking to meet their customers in a new way and to be cohesive across this landscape. I want to share what I have learned - sometimes the hard way - and help you ...

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    RT @garrytan: The best pitch is made of a number of obvious and uncontroversial statements that add up to an ambitious achievable future.
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    Agree, but digital influence is now driving retail. Mobile is a great example. >> "E-Commerce Is Not Eating Retail"
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    I have no question it will. "Mobile internet revenue to hit $700B in 4 years, growing more than 300%"

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