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Threading the Needle Between Inaction, Action and Reaction

They say feedback is a gift. New information you didn’t expect is a blessing. Surprise is the light of life.

But for your average business person any of these can play out quite the opposite.

The new information that your project will be late. The feedback that your presentation didn’t hit the mark. The surprise that your budget was cut back.


The difference can be made here with how you thread the needle, how you take action.

The Space Between Strategy and Execution

I ran into this today, deep into an internet rabbit hole. Something clicked with me.

The space between strategy and execution is typically unmanaged.

I spend time creating and articulating strategies. I spend time executing and building. But the thing I’m constantly doing is taking a strategy, assessing our standing and driving a next step — an iteration.

A Reminder of Principles to Work By - Creating Directions Card Version One

Every once in a while I need to pick my head up and take a pause, survey the landscape and make the next move. In these moments finding ways of keeping myself on the right path and in the right frame of mind is essential.

I’ve always been a quote collector. I wanted to take a bit of that accumulated thinking and create a set of working principles that had meaning to me.

Version one of my directions card was born.

Chart your career 'Press Release First' for the New Year

I was reading Chris Baglieri‘s post “My Resume is Fiction” he has a simple way of explaining his method of planing where he is going each year.

Combining a little bit of the ‘write the press release first’ product management approach and analyzing the intersections of where you and your current company are going is a great way to start a new year and shape your career longer term.

Four Collaborative Working Modes: User Research & Discovery

This post is part of the series Four Collaborative Working Modes Take Digital Strategies to Consumer Reality.

Mode #1: User Research and Discovery

User research and discovery is not a task, deliverable or team, it is a series of important experiences that will drive your work long term.

Four Collaborative Working Modes Take Digital Strategies to Consumer Reality - User Research and Discovery - Hedrington

Even the greatest user research document can only be read and experienced as a story in contrast problems you’ve seen and heard resound vividly in your mind and fuels the engine to find a solution. Information directly discovered from users by all individuals who will touch the experience will keep what ...

Four Collaborative Working Modes Take Digital Strategies to Consumer Reality

It’s not about your craft

Digital strategists, user researchers, product managers, business owners, experience designers and developers certainly have diverse skills and approaches to solving problems, many preferring to be left alone to apply their craft then toss it over the wall to the next. If you are trying to create consumer focused experiences that deliver high business value this simply doesn’t work.

All in, for a better consumer outcome

Four Modes Take Digital Strategies to Consumer Reality - Hedrington

To create leading edge digital experiences we need to forget about the dividing lines and hand-offs between our roles and instead focus on how we collaborate and bring ...

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